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Continuation: How to Organize your Closet in Steps

The last time, we talked about the first step to take in organizing your clustered closet. If you missed it, here is the link. Next will be:

Empty your Closet
Remove everything from your closet, drawers and anywhere else you keep your clothes. In order for you to have a well arranged space, an uncluttered closet, everything needs to be taken out first

Cleaning your Entire Closet.
Clean with a damp cloth so you can get rid of any dust and particles. Now if you want everywhere in the closet smelling nicely like I do, then you most definitely will need some scented soaps or sachets thrown it. This will also help keep moths at bay and have your closet smelling great and fresh. Some drawer liners will be needed to serve as protection for your clothes.

Sort out your Clothes
Now take a good look at all the clothes, shoes, jewelries etc that you just emptied off of your closet. Sort them into three groups, definitely keep, not sure and get rid of. Be careful not to be sentimental about that worn out t-shirt, extra large dress that makes you hate yourself when you wear it.

Organize your Closet
Lets go back to the items you would definitely keep. Are they clean and in good condition? If not you might want to put them in the washer first. If yes then sort them into either groups based on color or type and hang them back in the closet. You can also choose to organize them in groups of formal work outfits or casuals. Have your Jeans folded and sweater in shelves. Dresses in hangers ( never iron hangers). You might want to get padded hangers for your silk clothes, wooden or plastic hangers for others. Your shoes should be organized in boxes. There are tie racks and organizers.

Go back to your pile of clothes not inside the closet. Take a good look at the ” not sure” pile of clothes. Go through them one after the other and ask yourself if you really need anyone of them. Do they make you look good or miserable? Are they your size and a true representation of your image? Is it something you would want people to see you in? If not, don’t hug them. You need all the space you can get for new clothes, clothes you love. Add them to the “get rid of pile”.

Sort through the get rid pile and whatever is in good condition, donate to charity like the goodwill or any other one. Alternatively give them to someone, a friend or family you know might need them. Just don’t let the pile stay too long in your house. Get rid of it.

Lastly try all you can to maintain your now organized closet. Never throw clothes in the closet, clean or dirty. Always make sure it is clean and it is organized and put in its rightful place.

If you need more tips on organizing your closet, do not hesitate to send me a message. I absolutely love organizing and you can hire me for cheap!

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